About The Sickly Mama


I’m The Sickly Mama, a 31 year old new mama (as of January 2020) to a very adorable Little Man. In December 2010, I was diagnosed with an excitingly rare brain tumour called a TSHoma. That’s a pituitary adenoma which secretes thyroid-stimulating hormone, also known as a thyrotropinoma. Two sets of brain surgery followed, in April 2011 and January 2013. Although neither surgery was able to completely remove the tumour, it’s currently controlled with medication. As well as my wonky pituitary gland, I have a joint condition called hypermobility spectrum disorder, and asthma too. Basically, I’m a mega sickie.

I used to blog about my condition, and medical things in general, at Pituitary Ademoaner. This new blog is really about anything that takes my fancy, but with a particular focus on the challenges of parenting with chronic illness. My aim is to connect other parents with chronic illness and disability, creating a supportive community as well as useful resources for parents. As well as the blog, you can join the conversation on our Facebook group for parents with chronic illness, Sickly Mamas & Papas.

Although it’s hard to believe, I also have interests outside of complaining about my medical conditions. I’m a chartered accountant. Okay, that’s boring. But I’m also a co-founder of the UK’s first mermaid performance company, although I’ve hung up my tail since becoming a mama (not least because I don’t currently fit into it). I also regularly blog about some of my other hobbies, tea and baking (and yes, tea definitely does count as a hobby). I’m also a MyBump2Baby favourite blogger.

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