The Professional Mermaid’s Guide to Underwater Modelling

I actually used to be a professional mermaid and underwater model, having co-founded the UK’s first mermaid performance company, Merlesque Mermaids. I’ve hung up my tail since becoming a mama, but I’m sharing my guide to underwater modelling in this blog series…

The Professional Mermaid’s Guide To Underwater Modelling

This is an ongoing series, where I use my experience as a professional mermaid and underwater model to share my top tips for underwater modelling and model photography. Whether you’re a model headed to your first underwater photoshoot, an aspiring mermaid performer, or a photographer needing to direct your models in the water, this series is for you. I’m aiming to publish one post per month, each one covering a different aspect of underwater modelling, from how to open your eyes underwater to costuming, props and much, much more.

how to look amazing underwater modelling mermaid the sickly mama

How to Look Amazing Underwater

I’ve pulled together my five top tips for underwater modelling, from my time as a professional mermaid, to help you get the stunning underwater photos you want.

how to open your eyes underwater modelling mermaid the sickly mama

How to Open Your Eyes Underwater

Can you open your eyes underwater? It’s an important part of being an underwater model! This guide will help you learn how to open your eyes underwater.

how to do incredible underwater modelling make up mermaiding sickly mama blog

How to do Underwater Make Up

So it turns out that waterproof make-up is not the same as underwater-proof! Read on for my top tips on working with make-up in the water…

wigs and hair styling underwater modelling mermaid sickly mama blog

Wigs and Hair Styling Underwater

Flowing, floating hair is key to getting that truly weightless look in underwater photography. But how can you best achieve this, with natural hair or wigs?

how to relax underwater sickly mama real mermaid blog

How to Relax Underwater

Feeling calm and being able to relax underwater is a big part of being a good underwater model or performer. This guide will help you learn to relax…