Resources For Parents With Chronic Illness And Disability


My aim is to connect other parents with chronic illness and disability, creating a supportive community as well as useful resources for parents. 

It’s really notable that if you search for resources for parents with chronic illness, you usually actually end up finding resources that are intended for parents of children who are suffering from illness instead. But parents who are ill themselves also need support, community and understanding.

This page aims to bring together resources you may find useful. If you have any suggestions for additions to this page, please do get in touch and let me know. I’m always on the look-out for more.

Facebook Support Group For Parents With Chronic Illness and Disability

You can join our Facebook support group for parents with chronic illness and disability by clicking here! Although there are loads of groups for parents of children who are poorly or disabled, I felt that there was a lack of groups for parents who are sick themselves. Being a parent with chronic illness is tough, and it’s easy to worry that you’re not doing a good job. Talking to other parents in a similar situation can be really helpful. It’s a small group at present, but I hope that it will grow with time! Why not join us?

My Top Tips on Parenting with Chronic Illness:

Looking After A Baby When You’re Sick Or Fatigued:

Looking after a baby is hard work at the best of times, but when you’re sick it can be overwhelming. Whether you’re parenting with chronic illness, disability, a bad cold or tummy bug, or fatigue (either from illness or too many sleepless nights!), it helps to have a plan for how you’re going to manage. So, based on my experience as a mama with chronic illness, here are my top tips on looking after a baby when you’re sick or fatigued.

Parenting With Chronic Illness: A Collection of Articles:

Being a parent with chronic illness can be tough. It’s tiring enough looking after a baby or toddler without having to deal with pre-existing issues with fatigue and pain.

But of course I’m not the only one writing about this, so I wanted to do a post featuring articles from other blogs about parenting with chronic conditions, to bring together a range of advice on the subject from people who aren’t just me…

Looking After Your Baby (And Yourself) When You Have A Joint Condition:

My top tips on looking after a baby when you have a joint condition, from the newborn stage through to when they start toddling – covering topics from feeding, to clothes, to lifting and moving baby, and more! Hopefully this guide will be useful to other parents with hypermobility spectrum disorder, EDS, arthritis and other joint conditions.