Child and Baby Development


A collection of blog posts, focusing on some of the more fascinating (and weird) aspects of child and baby development. When I notice Little Man doing something I find strange or interesting, I try to do a bit of research to understand why babies do these things in the first place!

Why are babies’ digestive systems so totally useless?

Every parent who’s been up all night with a colicky baby has wondered why on earth their digestive systems seem so badly designed.

Why do babies love white noise?

White noise machines to help babies sleep are super popular at the moment. But why do they work?

Why doesn’t my baby blink?

So it turns out that babies blink much, much less frequently than adults… But why is that?

How to brush baby’s teeth

My top tips on how and when to start brushing baby’s teeth (or tooth) – and how to make it fun for everyone!

Choosing whether or not to use a dummy

Deciding whether or not to give your baby a dummy (pacifier) can be a potentially controversial topic. Here’s how we came to our decision…

Moth Boy – Why do babies stare at lights?

Believe it or not, there is a reason that your baby can’t stop staring at lightbulbs, and why it’s so hard to get them to look away.

Why is my baby crawling backwards?

My baby kept going backwards when he was trying to crawl forwards, and he’s not alone. Why does this happen?

Why does my baby shake with excitement?

When Little Man sees something he likes, sometimes he practically starts vibrating with excitement. Why do babies shake with excitement, and is it normal?

Common household objects that make great toys for baby

Some household items make great free toys for baby, and not only do they save on storage space, but buying fewer toys is better for the planet too… Here’s my guide to finding new toys around the house.

Teething won’t kill you (unless you live in 1842)

A fun look at the history of teething, including some of the treatments that have been used through the ages (hare’s brain, anyone?)

Why is my baby’s hair falling out?

Post-partum hairloss is not just a problem for mamas! But why do babies lose their hair after a few months?

The Eight Month Sleep Regression

Sleep regressions are associated with developmental milestones and growth spurts, so there are some ages when you can more or less expect a patch of bad sleep to come along…

Weaning: Foods I didn’t expect my baby to love

It turns out you really can’t tell what foods baby will/won’t like. So just let them try everything! Here are some weird foods my baby loves…