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Sickly Parenting Resources

The main focus of the Sickly Mama blog is to support and connect parents with chronic illness and disability. Parenting with chronic illness isn’t easy, so as well as sharing my experiences, I want to collect and share resources to build a supportive community. Scroll down to see some of the resources for parents with chronic illness that I’ve collected together on this site.

Resources for parents with chronic illness and disability.

One of my key aims in creating this website is to connect and support parents with chronic illness and disability. On this page, I share information and resources for parents that I’ve found useful, in the hope that others will also benefit from being able to access them.

My experiences of parenting with chronic illness.

Being a parent is super tough… and chronic illness doesn’t help! I love to use my blog to share my experiences as a sickly mama, in the hope that it’s comforting to other parents in the same situation to know they’re not alone. You can read all about my experiences by clicking here.

Child and baby development and experiences.

I love finding out interesting facts about child and baby development and sharing them on my blog! Why do babies stare at lights? Why was teething the cause of death for so many babies in 1842? Find out the answers to these questions and much much more by clicking here.